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Banarasi Cotton Sarees

Banarasi Cotton Sarees For Year Long Wear

Women are fond of banarasi sarees for various reasons one of which is the remarkably rich fabric of these intricately woven sarees. Not only is their fabric luxurious, but they have a rich history as well, because of the holy city of Varanasi in which banarasi cotton sarees are made. Cotton banarasi silk sarees drip with the majesty of traditional motifs. Cotton banarasi fabric is irreplaceable in the fashion industry and in your closets. Every woman knows to value banarasi cotton silk and treasure it. Available in various vivid hues, and glimmering fabrics, the traditionally rooted banarasi cotton silk sarees are every woman’s favourite.

What are Banarasi Cotton Sarees

Banarasi sarees have their foundations in the city of temples – Varanasi. These sarees go a long way back and have even been mentioned in the Mahabharata epic. Banarasi silk sarees have retained their importance in families for generations as an heirloom. The famous dazzling fabric of banarasi silk sarees never disappoints the wearer. The embossed effect, engraved jewels and zari work on banarasi sarees are what make them stand out. The banarasi cotton sarees are a well loved variant of the many banarasi sarees that exist. Not only are women inclined towards banarasi cotton silk sarees for bridal wear, they also make for the perfect casual wear, if chosen correctly. The finest banarasi silk sarees are often expensive by nature, as it takes intensive labour to make a single banarasi silk saree. The banarasi sarees are an integral part of Indian handloom industry, as they have always been hand crafted and continue to be weaved on handlooms till date. The extensive decoration on banarasi sarees makes them weigh more than others but only adds to their richness. Exclusive techniques and superior raw material are used in the making of banarasi sarees which make them very rare, and hard to get your hands on them. Improved technology has been discovered to weave banarasi sarees using power looms and new raw fabrics such as cotton and silk which give way to banarasi cotton sarees and banarasi cotton silk sarees. Cotton banarasi sarees are the modern alternative for classical appeal. The banarasi cotton silk saree price is relatively lower than pure silk sarees but they are not to be taken for granted and must be cherished. You must have seen your mother and grandmother value and collect these sarees to be later passed on to the succeeding generations. Cotton banarasi sarees have an exemplary reputation all around the world due to their impressive fabric and ethnic symbolism. Banarasi sarees were originally worn by royals and are therefore considered rather auspicious. Apart from cultural influence, cotton banarasi sarees also have an economic aspect to them as they have voyaged through many places over the years.

Defining Features of Banarasi Cotton Sarees

Banarasi cotton sarees are in great demand because of their plush immaculateness and substantial fabric. If you are looking for something comfortable yet fashionable to wear, cotton banarasi silk sarees are the ones for you. Banarasi cotton silk sarees can be worn at any time of the year, as their fabric is soft and comfy. The distinctive modern look of cotton banarasi silk sarees enhances their appeal and makes them suitable for every occasion. Banarasi cotton silk sarees have recently come under everyone’s attention for their simplicity and charm and are highly desired by every woman. Purchasing banarasi cotton silk online would be the best choice, for you’ll receive authentic sarees shipped straight from the holy city of Varanasi. The Banarasi cotton silk saree prices are also more reasonable online and there are far more designer sarees available on the internet on sites such as Woven Saree. Persian motifs along with Indian ones are combined in order to create a distinctive floral pattern on banarasi cotton silk sarees. The sarees are woven in bright colours and striking designs on a handloom and them shipped directly to you, from the city of their origin, to maintain authenticity. Zari work is used to add to the attractive fabric, some luster. The borders of Banarasi cotton sarees are adorned with self-woven paisleys which contribute to their increasing demand. Nowadays synthetic zari and resham is used on these sarees to decrease banarasi cotton silk saree prices and make them more affordable for everyone. You can never go wrong with a banarasi cotton silk saree, as they never go out of style. Banarasi cotton sarees are perfect for casual wear in the Indian climate because of their breathable fabric which keeps you cool. Carrying banarasi cotton sarees is easier than pure silk as they are sturdier and don’t slip. Not only is the banarasi cotton silk saree price affordable, these sarees are true to their value and are easily manageable. Unlike pure silk sarees, banarasi cotton silk need less maintenance as they can be washed by hand and don’t necessarily need dry cleaning. You can wear a cotton banarasi silk saree everyday to work or at home and not grow tired of them because of their class and elegance.

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