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Brocade Sarees

Brocade Silk Saree for Wedding Wear

India is known for its festivities, but festivals aren’t the only thing that light up our country – the wedding season does, too. Indian weddings are well known for their grand ceremonies, and the various functions that precede and lead up to the ultimate wedding event – the best attire to wear to these is banarasi brocade fabric sarees. It is a well-known fact that an Indian wedding is not just the celebration of the bride and groom, it is more like a festival for every person involved. The most exciting part to plan about, when invited to a wedding, is planning on your clothing, as weddings are the perfect occasion for one to flaunt their style and make a great impression. When it is the question of what to wear there might be many options to choose from but the first thing that comes to mind is brocade saree for wedding wear. Banarasi brocade fabric is well-known for its rich weave and lush texture which makes the brocade silk saree the perfect wedding attire. If the beauty of banarasi brocade fabric fascinates you, learn more about it in this article.

Why Brocade Silk Saree Never Goes Out of Style?

The brocade silk saree is defined by its posh and embellished banarasi brocade fabric. These sarees are famously worn for festivities throughout the country. The raised pattern of brocade silk sarees gives them a charming finish, and you a great look. Generally the designs involved in the weaving process of banarasi brocade fabric are floral and geometric. In the Mughal era, however, it is said that motifs of the sun, moon, and stars were also weaved into brocade silk sarees. Apart from the elaborate brocade fabric, banarasi brocade sarees are also famous because of their fine zari work. Zari work is always intertwined on silk and nothing else. The luxuriant gold and silver zari work on the border of banarasi brocade sarees, makes them even more likable, and suitable to be worn at many different occasions. Brocade sarees are a specialty of Varanasi, also known as, Banaras.Skilled craftsmen have hand made banarasi brocade fabric for centuries by following tradition, which is why these sarees are exclusive to the holy city and its dedicated artisans. For ages, banarasi brocade fabric has been considered a luxury, as it was the apparel of the elite in kingship eras. The textile industry of Varanasi excels in producing its hallmark banarasi brocade sarees to be worn by women all over the country. It takes extreme hard work and patience to weave a banarasi brocade saree, for it can take anywhere between 15 days to 6 months to make one of these.

Brocade Silk Saree – The Essential Wedding Wear

If you are looking for a reason to flaunt banarasi brocade fabric, when else would you get the perfect opportunity other than a wedding or festival? Their magnificent and appealing fabric is the prefect pretext for an Indian wedding celebration. It has been a tradition to wear a brocade saree for weddings, for brides as well as others. Brocade saree for weddings is a wardrobe must have for all brides and therefore makes for a perfect wedding gift. By now there wouldn’t be an ounce of confusion left in your mind to buy anything other than a brocade saree for wedding functions, and you can do so from the ease of your home, online.

Brocade Silk Sarees Online Shopping

There are endless sites from where you may buy banarasi silk sarees, one such site is Woven Saree. Brocade silk sarees online shopping is a way better option for you to find banarasi brocade fabric than store hopping. Banarasi brocade sarees are natively made in Varanasi and you cannot always be sure that you’d find genuine banarasi brocade silk sarees in local stores – whereas brocade silk sarees online shopping allows you to receive them directly from Varanasi – the land from where they originate. You should never compromise on the kind of brocade saree for wedding you decide to wear because fine banarasi brocade fabric will stay with you for decades and can even be passed on to your succeeding generations. If you are still unsure about brocade silk sarees online shopping, mentioned below is the best online store for you to purchase banarasi brocade sarees online.

Choose Woven Saree for Brocade Silk Sarees Online Shopping

Woven Saree is the most trusted platform for you buy banarasi brocade fabric from. This is partly because banarasi brocade and Woven Saree share the same origin city – Varanasi – but mostly due to their word of promise to deliver nothing but the best sarees to you. The artisans employed by Woven Saree dedicatedly craft the sarees of your dreams. You will not find sarees like the ones on their website anywhere else on the internet. The collection of banarasi brocade on Woven Saree stands out because of being the most reasonably priced. If you feel that brocade silk sarees are a little over your budget, Woven Saree offers you the best substitute for them which is art silk sarees. Art silk or artificial silk is the perfect replica of pure silk sarees and you can find art silk sarees online at Woven Sarees. The variety of brocade silk sarees offered by Woven Saree is a class apart, but at the same time they are way more affordable than pure silk – head to Woven Saree to find out for yourself.