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What Is A Semi Silk Saree?

November 25, 2020 3 min read

What is Semi Silk Saree

Hearing the word silk instantly evokes the feeling of richness and grandiose in our minds. The silk saree is a rich heritage that you will find in almost every women's wardrobe in India. Grace, elegance, modernity, culture, and tradition - all woven into a six-yard wonder. Whether it is a normal day or a grand celebration, one can never go wrong with a silk saree. Available in such a wide variety of colors, designs, patterns, and fabrics, each one of them is significant in a particular place of the country. However, the semi silk saree is pre-dominantly famous in every part of the country. In this article, we will discuss the semi silk saree. But before that, let us briefly discuss about what is semi silk fabric.

What Is Semi Silk Fabric?

The semi silk saree is made from a fabric that is a mix of silk and cotton. Normally, semi silk fabric varies from place to place. Moreover, the elasticity of the saree largely depends on the percentage of silk and cotton blended in the fabric. For instance, the semi kuppadam soft silk saree that originated in Andhra Pradesh is a combination of 75% pure silk and 25% cotton.

Semi Silk Saree

The semi silk sarees, also known as semi silk cotton sarees, have a smooth and shiny appearance and feel. This type of silk sarees is known to offer a lot of comfort and elegance. You can wear such sarees in any weather such as summer, winter, or rainy. Regardless of the weather, they are very comfortable and feel soft on your skin.

Moreover, these sarees also regulate the natural temperatures that oppose external temperatures. Thus, making it an ideal option to wear on any day or occasion. The flawless finish, vibrant colors, and wonderful designs make the semi silk saree an absolute delight. However, do remember that the semi silk saree is not as soft as silk. But it is softer than cotton.

Semi Silk Cotton Sarees – A Fabric for Women to Flaunt

The soft semi silk sarees are made from a versatile material, which allows you to drape the saree in any way you want. With gorgeous patterns and palettes, the semi silk saree offers the same luster and radiance as pure silk sarees.

When you drape the saree, the creases fall beautifully and stays in one place. Thus, allowing you to drape it perfectly for a longer duration. Moreover, the shiny and smooth texture of the semi silk cotton sarees will enhance your beauty even more. From plain semi silk sarees to printed semi silk sarees it is one of the best choices for any big or small occasion.

Maintaining Soft Semi Silk Sarees

The following are some of the ways to maintain your soft semi silk sarees more efficiently to ensure longer life.

  • Before you keep the semi silk sarees in your wardrobe, wrap it up inside a paper or cotton cloth and then store it.
  • Ensure that you refold your semi silk cotton sarees every three months to prevent it from tearing at the fold lines.
  • It is better to use hangers in your wardrobe to leave your soft silk sarees wrinkle-free for a longer duration.
  • Store your semi silk saree in a dark, cool place to prevent the saree from discoloring or fading issues.
  • Make use of naphthalene balls to keep the silverfish and moths away from your Banarasi semi silk saree.
  • If you are confident washing them, go ahead and wash it every once in a while. However, if you are not confident, use washing services for better results.
  • Whenever you drape your semi silk cotton saree, ensure that you iron it first. It will make the pleats fall beautifully.

Can I Buy Semi Silk Saree Online?

You can buy the semi silk saree online at Woven Saree. There are plenty of designs, patterns, and colors to choose from. All of the sarees at the Woven Saree online store are available at reasonable prices. You can check out the collection of semi silk sarees with a price on the website and place your orders to get it delivered to your home for free.

Final Thoughts

The semi silk saree is the best fabric available in sarees for regular wear and every casual and formal occasion. Not only is it soft on your skin, but is also very comfortable to wear for a longer duration. It is one investment that you are not going to regret.