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What Is Art Silk Saree?

November 26, 2020 3 min read

What is Art Silk Saree

Saree is the most popular attire among women in India and is also considered as the Indian fashion statement. Visit any part of the country and you will find women of all ages and stages wearing the elegant looking saree. While the importance of the saree is ingrained in the Indian culture, the prominence of a silk saree is no less. The smooth, elegant, and luxurious fabric of silk holds a special place in the hearts of every woman across India. So awed and charmed by this fabric, it is normally associated with class and richness in India. Of course, you might want to wear a pure silk saree for weddings and other special occasions. But with silk sarees so expensive, you cannot opt to buy a pure silk saree for every other occasion. This is where art silk saree can help you out. In this article, we will discuss art silk saree and why it is an excellent substitute for pure silk saree.

What Is Art Silk Saree?

Art silk saree does not stand for artistic silk saree. Instead, it stands for artificial silk saree. These types of silk sarees are produced from high-quality artificial silk fabric such as Rayon. Having said that, because it involves the use of artificial fabric, art silk sarees are much less expensive than pure silk saree.

While the fabric isn't silk, it certainly looks like silk material. Of course, an experienced person might tell you that the saree you are wearing is not made of real silk. But normal people can never guess if it is real or artificial silk. As a result, art silk saree is widely popular among Indian women who do not want to spend much money on buying real silk.

Mysore art silk saree, Kanchipuram art silk saree, and art silk bandhani saree - there are several varieties to choose from, for your special occasion. Moreover, you can also find art dupion silk saree and art silk sarees with embroidery for affordable rates, if you do not wish to spend tens of thousands for buying a pure silk saree.

Reasons to Buy Art Silk Saree

  • Light and Comfortable

  • Art silk saree is similar to that of pure silk saree in nature. These sarees are super light, airy, and comfortable to wear for a long duration. Therefore, making them an ideal choice for wearing on any occasion throughout the year.

  • Excellent Feel

  • Art silk sarees are as soft as cotton, as breathable as wool, and as rich as silk. Having said that, the designs and the prints of the art silk saree resembles pure silk. Therefore, these sarees offer you the feel of a silk saree at the price of a cotton saree.

  • Keeps You Cool

  • Art silk saree is the best choice if you are looking to wear a saree during hot and humid weather conditions. Because it is breathable and does not insulate body heat, it helps in keeping your body cool for a longer duration.

  • Popular Than Ever Before

  • Art silk sarees are more popular than ever before. Women who are wearing sarees on a day to day basis are opting for art silk sarees as cotton sarees are becoming more expensive. Therefore, they are opting for a saree which resembles silk, but at a lower price point.

  • Perfect Gift

  • If you are looking to gift a saree to your near and dear ones, then art silk is one of the best choices. Not only it looks rich like silk, but it is also quite affordable. Thus, you will not burn a hole in your pocket.

How to Find Art Silk Sarees Online?

You can find art silk sarees online at Woven Saree. On the e-commerce platform, you can find art silk sarees of various designs, colors, and patterns. From art silk designer sarees to art silk printed saree and art silk cotton sarees - there is something for everyone. Moreover, the art silk saree price in India can vary depending upon the vendor or online store you buy from. However, on Woven Saree, you can get access to the best collection at the most affordable rates in the country.

Final Thoughts

Because of its production and manufacturing cost, art silk saree is cheaper than pure silk saree. However, in terms of look, feel, and comfort, it is one of the choices for the price it is available. Therefore, if you do not want to spend a large amount of money on pure silk, art silk sarees makes an excellent substitute.