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What Is An Indian Silk Saree and Why Is It So Popular?

October 28, 2021 6 min read

Indian Silk Sarees

There exist so many types of Indian silk sarees that even a whole lifetime won’t be enough for you to come close to trying them all. The popularity of most of all Indian silk sarees is such that the whole world knows about them. Indian silk sarees have had a great cultural influence on India and even though their designs and styles have advanced in order to keep with the demands of different times, they still don’t stray from the traditional techniques that were employed originally to weave Indian silk sarees. Indian silk sarees are a cocktail of vibrant colours and pure class. Since India is where sarees originate from, there is a countless number of Indian Silk Saree online which you can choose to buy. Almost each state in India has its own type of exclusively made silk sarees that have phenomenal weaving patterns, prints and motifs. This makes for a wide range of Indian silk sarees to pick from for any occasion, be it formal or fancy. However, colourblocked silk sarees are best suited for formal functions, while, deeply embellished ones would be the sensible choice for festivities. There is no doubt that silk fabric is the most liked amongst all, for it gives the wearer an aura of sophistication. Indian silk sarees last long when taken care of, so don’t take one for granted after wearing it – they require a lot of maintenance. Sarees worn for special events are mostly silk thanks to their magnificence.

History of Indian Silk Sarees

Silk was originally developed in China, where it was considered to belong to the sphere of the royals, and later the elite. In the pre-industrial era silk was an item of great importance and value. In the Indian context, however, the first discovery of silk dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization. Hence, India’s affiliation with silk is a rather long one. Not only does India produce the most silk, it also consumes it at a large scale. Indian culture has identified silk with prosperity, eminence and good fortune for ages as it was originally the apparel of the royals. Silk weaves a multitude of cultures into one drape for which the various foreign influences on it can be held accountable – it is the amalgamation of indigenous interwork.

Types of Indian Silk Saree Online

Silk sarees are a wardrobe essential, owning one is something of a necessity for Indian women. You must have noticed your mother and grandmother swooning over the beauty of the different types of Indian Silk sarees, which proves the point. Indian silk sarees are nothing short of a blessing for the textile industry and its consumers, for it is rare to come across such fabric. Add an ethnic extension to your wardrobe by buying an Indian Silk Saree online if you don’t already own one. It might prove to be a little difficult to distinguish and choose a silk saree because there are too many varieties. Mentioned below are some of the most popular Indian silk saree types to make it easier for you to recognize the one that matches your personal style: 

    • Banarasi Silk Sarees

As the name suggests, these sarees are native to the holy city Varanasi or Banaras. Out of all the types of Indian silk, Banarasi sarees are exceptionally known for their zari work and luxurious ornamentation. Banarasi silk sarees are woven from fine silk threads and are adorned with beautiful patterns which causes them to be a little heavy. The distinctive feature of Banarasi silk sarees is their Mughal motifs, elaborate interlacing of flowery designs, kalga and bel, and upstanding leaves known as jhallar on their border.

    • Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees

These Indian silk sarees are also known as Kanchipuram sarees because they originated in the capital of Tamil Nadu – Kanchipuram. Kanjeevaram sarees are a high end variety of silk. What sets them apart is their extraordinary class and detailed designs. The embroidery on Kanjeevaram sarees leaves you breathless.

    • Tussar Silk Saree

Tussar silk is made by tribals and is obtained from a specific variety of silk worm found in South Asia. Their colour palette is mostly light-toned such as ginger, honey and cream. Tussar silk sarees can be worn with a contrast blouse to make a statement. The silk industry of Bhagalpur is known to have produced Tussar silk for more than a hundred years.

    • Art Silk Sarees

These sarees are a fairly recent addition to the collection of Indian silk saree types as it was first produced from viscose in the 19th century. Although they come under the category of Indian silk saree types, they aren’t particularly woven from pure silk and are rather made of synthetic fiber. Art silk denotes artificial silk and has a close resemblance to pure silk. It is perfect alternative for different Indian silk saree types. Pure silk and art silk are both just as graceful.

    • Assam Silk

These sarees have been desirable for a long time. One of Assam silk's most prominent attributes is its exquisite and lightweight fabric, which makes it stand out from the rest of the Indian silk saree types. The three prime types of Indian silk sarees made in Assam are – Muga, Paat, and Eri silk. The Assam silk industry has its foundation in Sualkuchi, where these sarees are hand woven through lots of hard work. An assam silk saree can take up to 1 month to be made, but is less costly than Kanjeevaram sarees.

Difference between Art Silk and Indian Silk

Although pure Indian silk sarees and art silk sarees look identical, texture-wise, there are many differences between the two. The silk fabric is procured from silkworms, which makes it a natural fibre. The process is a time consuming one and requires intensive labor. Art silk on the other hand is fashioned from superior artificial silk fabric, which explains its name. Materials like rayon are used in the making of art silk sarees which is why it is also known rayonic fabric. Since art silk is man made – through a chemical process– its production cost and time is way less than pure silk. This means that art silk is less expensive than all sarees. Art silk can easily be worn daily because of its durability and long-lasting fabric; it requires much less maintenance than pure silk.

Why ditch Indian Silk Sarees for Art Silk Sarees?

If you wish to make a less conventional choice but want to stick to tradition at the same time, art silk sarees are the better option. It goes without saying that silk is always the first choice but that is quickly changing with the rise of Art Silk Sarees. The shifts in trend are better expressed by art silk sarees, than they are by pure silk. Not only is art silk just as fashionable as pure silk; it costs way less than pure silk. Draping an art silk saree is a cake walk even for saree beginners, for they are light and easy to be carried. The airy feel of art silk sarees makes them way more comfortable than pure Indian silk sarees and they can be draped in summer seasons. In fact art silk is best worn in summers because it doesn’t envelope the body heat and keeps the wearer cool. Its breathability makes art silk fit for hot and humid conditions. The best feature of art silk sarees is that in spite of the production differences between them and pure silk, art silk still manages to look a like pure silk and is affordable at the same time.

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