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Different types of silk sarees in India

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Art Silk Saree - The Most Fashionable Alternative For Pure Silk.

Every culture has a feature for which it is known, attire included. Sarees prove to be that defining feature for Indian culture and tradition. It is well known that sarees have been the most popular Indian wear for women for years. They can be worn on special occasions, at home and at workplaces, alike. The first time you wear a saree is always memorable, but so is every other time you wear one. The range of sarees that can be found is mind blowing and you may find it confusing as to which one to choose. Silk sarees are worn the most and are hence, the most famous of all sarees. If you are in search for an alternative for silk sarees because they tend to be expensive, hard to identify and can hardly be worn throughout the year – the best option would be to buy art silk saree online. Woven Saree is one the best online store to shop your favourite art silk saree online. It is best to know everything about the saree you are sought after, An art silk saree has been described in detail below, for you to gain a clear understanding and liking towards them – ...

What is Art Silk Saree?

‘Art Silk’ stands for artificial silk. Art silk sarees are made from superior grade synthetic silk fabric. This material, however, cam give quite the competition to pure silk and is therefore known as silk, itself. Art silk sarees are made out of synthetic fibers such as rayon and nylon, as a result, their production does not take as much money as it takes to for real silk sarees to be produced. The prices at which art silk can be bought are exceptionally fair, which is one of the many advantages to opt for art silk sarees. Another great quality of art silk saree is that their fabric can easily pass as pure silk, for both of them have similar finishing. Art silk sarees are more comfortable and can be worn during summers, unlike pure silk which is too heavy as compared to these lightweight sarees. You can find art silk online and offline much easily than pure silk because they are more cost effective and are easily available. Don’t focus on the artificial material of these sarees, as they are just as appealing and stylish as pure silk sarees, if not more. Art silk sarees are available in all sorts of colours and desirable designs so it gives you a clearer choice as to which one is best suited according to your dressing sense.

Buy Art Silk Sarees Online

Art silk sarees are easily accessible and can even be bought online. Online shopping is the most convenient and safest option to shop for art silk sarees, for it doesn’t require you to step out of your house and quarrel with salesmen about the prices. There are various sites for you to buy art silk sarees from, but if you are in search for the superior quality art silk that looks and feels exactly like its pure counterpart, you should head to Woven Saree. If you are extremely style conscious, but are too afraid of buying silk sarees online, afraid that they wouldn’t turn out to be as good as you imagined and your money would go to waste, you should buy art silk sarees online, instead. Art silk sarees can be bought without fear clouding your judgement as they are hardly ever a disappointment and always live up to your expectations, since they aren’t as difficult to produce as real silk. You will find many kinds of art silk sarees online, and will have a wider variety to choose from than you would offline. Buying silk sarees online is less time consuming and bothersome as the saree will be directly delivered to your doorstep. Manufacturers from all around the country sell their products online, therefore you would be able to buy and experience the feel of art silk sarees from all parts of the country at lower prices.

Why Art Silk Sarees Are The Best Substitute To Pure Silk?

Art silk sarees are easy to find on the internet and in shops, and are the exact replicas of pure silk. They can be worn to any function, and no one would be able to spot the difference between art silk and pure silk. In fact, you would only get showered in praises and compliments. If you are on the lookout for the best saree to buy on a light budget, art silk saree is the one for you. Art silk saree doesn’t cost you a fortune and are worth more their price. If silk sarees seem out of your budget and reach or if you think they require high maintenance, art silk sarees are quite the opposite of their counterpart in that sense. When you buy an art silk saree online, it makes up for any lack of a silk saree your closet. The resemblance between an art silk saree and pure silk is breathtaking. Even though the fabric of art silk saree is synthetic, it feels as comfortable as a cotton saree and as luxurious as a silk saree – making it the best of both worlds.

Types of Art Silk Saree Designs at Woven Saree

There are various kinds of silk sarees and art silk sarees replicate all these varieties. Woven Saree provide many art silk sarees online, which have been mentioned below –
  1. Banarasi Sarees

  2. Banarasi silk sarees are native to the holy city Varanasi, where they are produced. They are prestigious sarees worn by women mostly to wedding processions. As beautiful as a Banarasi silk is, it may seem a bit too costly to some people, for them the best alternative is to buy a banarasi art silk saree online from woven saree.
  3. Cotton Sarees

  4. Cotton sarees bring out the best in you, and are one of the most comfortable sarees to wear. They work well for women of all ages, and are made in many parts of the country. Buy an art silk saree online if you’re looking for something similar to cotton sarees. Art silk is as light as a cotton saree and can also be worn in summers. It is the perfect match for someone who loves wearing cotton sarees but is seeking to buy something just as beautiful yet different at the same time.
  5. Chanderi Silk Sarees

  6. These silk sarees are made in a tiny village of Madhya Pradesh, called Chander. Chanderi sarees have been produced for centuries and carry on a great legacy. Chanderi silk has a fine fabric with a sheer texture. The chanderi art silk saree is an exact look-alike of pure Chanderi silk sarees and but is way more durable and value for money. Buy the best quality of chanderi art silk saree from woven saree to look astonishing.
  7. Brocade Silk Sarees

  8. Brocade sarees were worn by royalty in earlier times. It is made by entwining rich threads such as gold and silver into beautiful outstanding patterns. These sarees have been replicated in the form of art silk sarees which are much more accessible and affordable. You can buy art silk saree online, in the place of brocade sarees to feel the luxury

Why shop Art silk sarees online from Woven Saree

Though art silk sarees are easily available, not all websites sell superior quality art silk sarees online. Woven saree is different, here you will find the best art silk saree online and at reasonable prices. Woven saree should be at the top of your list when in search for the finest art silk sarees, as it is the most trustworthy platform to make your purchase from.