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Chanderi Silk Sarees

Chanderi Silk Sarees - The most fashionable drapes of all time

Chanderi Silk Sarees get their name from – the town in which they are made – Chander. Madhya Pradesh is famous for its textile industry only because the elaborately spun Chanderi Sarees. They have been a source of income for the Chander weaving community for decades; as per evidence the production of chanderi silk dates back to the 11th century. If you’re wondering why chanderi silk sarees are so well loved there is a chance that you haven’t come face to face with their true beauty, yet. The specialty of chanderi silk sarees lies in their sheer fabric which is lightweight and classy at the same time. Chanderi silk sarees look slightly like organza sarees, but are softer. If you wish to know more about them you may search for chanderi silk sarees online, or read on down below.

What are Chanderi Silk Sarees?

Cotton and silk yarns are used to make Chanderi sarees. Certain types of chanderi silk such as the Banarasi chanderi silk saree is woven from pure silk fabric. These silk sarees are known for their elegance and class. There have been instances of comparisons being made between chanderi silk sarees and muslin fabric because both the cloths feel as light as air due to their paper like finish.

Extra yarn is used in order to create patterns such as embroidery on the border of chanderi sarees. Motifs known as butior buta are interweaved onto the sarees by hand. This process of manually inserting designs made of extra yarn is known as extra weft, and it carries the beauty of chanderi sarees on its shoulders – for they are defined by it. Butisare responsible for bestowing artistry on the chanderi sarees, as their borders are simpler.  The extra weft work on chanderi sarees is mostly curvilinear motifs. The influence of nature can be seen in the designs employed by chanderi sarees, motifs of leaves and trees, peacocks and swans, and other such elements stand proof. A recent development in the chanderi textile has been the use of lively colours, since originally pastel colours were favored while weaving chanderi sarees. If you wish to make a purchase of chanderi silk sarees online you must first know the various types of them, the best of which have been mentioned below.

Why buy Chanderi Silk Sarees Online?

There used to be a time when these sarees were exclusively worn by the royals but now anyone can buy chanderi silk sarees online, which is a privilege that not everyone understands. Chanderi silk sarees continue to be just as popular as they were since the time they came into existence because of their evergreen grace. They are not just in great demand in Madhya Pradesh but are desired to be bought by women from all over the country, if you are one of the people who are mesmerized, buy chanderi silk sarees online. If you wear a chanderi silk saree for wedding functions or any other occasion, you will surely sweep people off their feet because draping a chanderi saree is a style statement in itself, for their beauty is undefined. Special occasions are ruled by chanderi sarees; if you are urgently in need of an outfit for some function, buy chanderi sarees online for a hassle-free shopping experience.

Types of Chanderi Silk Sarees Online

The chanderi sarees online have been divided into four broad categories – chanderi cotton silk sarees, chanderi silk sarees, chanderi cotton sarees and art chanderi silk sarees. Typically cotton and silk were incorporated in the intricate weaving process of chanderi sarees resulting in a weightless and beautiful fabric – a saree that had the best of both worlds.

Chanderi sarees are easily and popularly styled. The pure chanderi silk sarees are famously known for their lustrous fabric, while cotton chanderi sarees are celebrated for their comfortable feather-light finish. Pure chanderi silk requires to be intricately hand woven to achieve a glimmering look.

Banarasi chanderi silk sarees are influenced by the Banarasi silk sarees, and are the most well-liked and wanted out of all the chanderi silk sarees online. Banarasi chanderi silk sarees are irresistible because of their zari work and diverse range of colours. The drape and fall of banarasi chanderi silk sarees execute elegance, while, the out of the world artistry of banarasi motifs and charms on these sarees makes them fit for fancy occasions. Banarasi chanderi silk sarees come in bold colours - best for making a statement, and standing out from the crowd. The chanderi silk saree price varies due to various factors like quality and availability. If the beautiful banarasi chanderi silk sarees seem appealing to you, but you are not able to purchase them because chanderi silk saree prices are high the perfect alternative for you would be art chanderi silk sarees.  Chanderi art silk saree has the same look and finish as pure chanderi sarees. As compared to pure chanderi silk saree prices, the art chanderi sarees online cost way less.

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