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Reasons To Shop Banarasi Art Silk Sarees Over Pure Banarasi Silk

August 02, 2022 3 min read

Banarasi Art Silk Sarees

When it comes to buying saree for a special occasion, such as weddings, anniversaries, and festivals, most women opt for pure Banarasi silk saree as it exudes royalty and richness. However, buying a pure silk Banarasi silk saree on every occasion can cost you a fortune. This is where Banarasi art silk saree is preferable compared to pure Banarasi silk sarees.

In this article, we will discuss all the reasons why you should shop for Banarasi art silk sarees over pure Banarasi silk. Moreover, we will also tell you the best place to shop for Banarasi art silk saree online.

What Is Banarasi Art Silk Saree?

Before we tell you all the reasons why you should choose an art silk saree, let us briefly tell you about Banarasi art silk sarees.

For those who do not know, art silk sarees stand for artificial silk sarees which are manufactured using high-quality silk fabric such as Rayon. And because of the use of artificial silk, these are less expensive compared to pure silk material. Although it is not made from pure silk, art silk sarees do look like made from silk material.

Why Shop Banarasi Art Silk Saree Over Pure Banarasi Silk?

There is no doubt that pure Banarasi silk sarees are bliss and everyone wants to have a closet full of them. However, for the obvious reason, which is money, shopping for a lot of pure silk Banarasi saree can put a strain on your budget. Being said that, Banarasi art silk sarees are also good, and here are some of the reasons why you should opt for Banarasi art silk.

  • It is as light and comfortable as that of pure silk Banarasi sarees.
  • It offers the feel of pure silk sarees at a more affordable rate.
  • It is rich as silk and breathable as wool.
  • It does not insulate body heat and therefore, keep you cool all day.

All of these reasons make Banarasi art silk a definite must-have when you cannot buy the expensive pure Banarasi silk sarees. In short, when you do not want to spend tens of thousands for buying a pure handloom silk saree, simply go for the art silk saree, which offers you the same comfort and feel.

Where To Buy Banarasi Art Silk Saree Online?

There are several online websites where you can buy art silk sarees online. However, if you are looking for the best of the best Banarasi art silk sarees, then there is only one place to shop from – Woven Saree.

The online shopping platform, Woven Saree, offers you and fun and interactive way to shop for your art silk sarees online. The platforms allow you to browse through a wide range of soft silk sarees. Woven Saree has a collection of artificial Banarasi saree that is unlike anywhere else found.

Being said that, art silk saree coming from the house of Woven Saree are of high quality and offers the same richness and premium-ness as the one offered by handloom pure silk Banarasi saree. Thus, do not second guess yourself, Woven Saree is the online platform where you should be shopping, for all your art silk saree needs.

On the Woven Saree platform, you can also check out the Banarasi art silk saree price. So, visit the store and check everything at your fingertips.

Final Thoughts

Every woman across the length and breadth of this country wants to have a pure silk Banarasi saree in their wardrobe. However, the budget does not allow them to afford a pure silk saree. In such cases, the Banarasi art silk saree is the best replacement to have in place of the pure silk saree. And with Woven Saree, you get the best quality of Banarasi sarees that to at the most affordable rates. So, visit the store and shop for art silk sarees today.